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Every spring, student organizations at Carnegie Mellon University spend a week setting up booths for the Spring Carnival. Many of the booths are intricate, multi-level affairs, showing off the creativity and energy of the students who construct them. The Friday of the week before Carnival is known as "Move On". Student organizations move their supplies, materials, tools, and pre-fabricated components onto CMU's Morewood parking lot, which becomes the carnival midway. Build week commences from that Friday night, and for the entire week, organizations build their booths, preparing for the official opening of Midway at 3pm the following Thursday afternoon.

Watch a time warp of the rise and fall of a small city atop one of the booths.

Watch a time warp of the deployment, use, and tear down of the merry-go-round.

Watch a time warp of the construction of the Incredible Hulk on top of the Marvel Comics booth.

Watch a time warp of the some of the destruction.

Spring Carnival Official Website

Portions adapted from Wikipedia section on CMU's Spring Carnival